Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Modern Enslavment

In today's modern forward looking society, we are reverting to the serfs and servants of 1000 and more years ago. They take the fruits of our labors in the form of taxes, they strip away our liberties in the name of protecting us from the big bad scary enemy in some other corner of the globe. They take our choices away in the name of protecting us from our own poor judgement, be it a super big gulp, or whatever else. None of these are consequential compared to the biggest theft we allow them to take form us, and that is our Time. The days of a household like mine are coming to an end. Most families are forced to send both parents to work, leaving children to be raised by the system and programed by their televisions. This is what we must change. The war being raged on the family is the destruction of our society.

Change begins with the individual and those closest to him or her. It is in how we raise our children, how we treat our spouses, and in the choices we make. Wake up, To see the farm is to leave it.

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